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Published 2017 Feb.Micael Joll's first collection of short stories that take the reader to locations around the world in a ride that never lets up in its literary outlook.

A viola player in Depression-era San Francisco is surprised by the hidden talent of a panhandler he encounters.  In Barbados, a middle aged voyeur confronts the object of his desires.  A woman in Delhi plots revenge on her abusive husband. A German army corporal in WW2 has to decide between conflicting evils.  In an isolated cabin in British Columbia a woman is subjected to a violent home invasion by her ex-convict husband. A veteran Winnipeg detective solves a string of arsons and a trail of bodies in an unconventional way.  A bomber pilot returning home from a prisoner-of-war camp discovers life in post-war England is far from what he fought for.  These are some of the stories in this appealing and diverse first collection of short stories from author Michael Joll.

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