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Published 2012.Historical Fiction. Author Ken Puddicombe's stirring tale of conflict and strife in pre-independent British Guiana during the nationalistic drive of the early fifties, sixties and seventies.

Racing With The Rain: A fast moving rain cloud in an otherwise clear sky triggers a sudden downpour and people run for cover. Is it possible to outrun the rain? Can one ever really escape the past?

Guyanese born and Canadian naturalized Carl Dias will find out as he returns for his father’s funeral. His visit will bring him in conflict with a government that is facing threats from an expat group intent on overthrowing the dictatorship.

It will also evoke the events of the Kennedy Administration/ British Government manipulation of the internal politics of the former colony, an era where the CIA promoted an attempted coup, causing riots and the virtual destruction of the commercial district of Georgetown, the Capital.

It was also a period where the Dias family imploded due to divided loyalties, resulting in scars that never healed.

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