GABA’S VIOLIN. Armin Negossian’s vintage violin, is stolen from his car. Desperate to find a replacement, he stumbles onto an instrument that meets his requirements. When he takes the instrument home, he loses control as the music morphs into a restless, mysterious pattern, with Spectres flooding his brain: haunting, nightmarish images forming in a misty, desolate landscape.

ANAHITA. It’s the year 2338 and despite rumours that problems occurred with them, the Lagomarsias believe they’ve made the right decision in their purchase of Anahita, an Androbot. Soon, Callum notices erratic behaviour in Anahita.
GOING HOME. In an evening when The downpour fell across the black top like a drifting curtain, dancing whichever way the wind urged it, Paul Wilkins, a sympathetic taxi driver picks up a young woman at a street corner. At the back of the cab, A stale smell of wet clothing and hair drifted forward. The rancid odour reminded me of a wet dog, only not as strong or objectionable.

DOOR D ROW TWENTY-TWO. Disgruntled shopper, Senior citizen Ellen is unhappy with the service at the local mall, and on exiting through Door D: She stopped, staring wide-eyed at the empty space where her car should have been in Row Twenty-Two in the handicapped spot where she left it.

A FEW MINUTES TO ETERNITY. Arthur Lovacs is counting down: It’s December 11. At midnight it’s the end for me. Sentenced to death for a murder he claims he didn’t commit, he will go the gallows, repeating his innocence to Father McNamara who is trying to get Arthur to repent.

SIDNEY’S RED SUITCASE. Sidney’s suitcase had the habit of disappearing into the void; his wife found the perfect solution: At the luggage store before his business trip to Ottawa, Sidney flinched as his wife picked out a bright red suitcase. As fate would have it, a fellow passenger had an identical red suitcase.

UNDER SEIGE FROM BIODIVERSITY. It’ll be wonderful—wide-open green spaces, fresh air, birds, and a quiet, relaxing lifestyle, Earl’s wife had told him in their move to the country. The year after the racoon visit, rabbits proliferated, eating everything in sight including ready-to-blossom flowers, rose and sand cherry bushes, and the entire contents of their vegetable garden. Earl narrates the trials and tribulations of living in the country.

DEATH’S DOOR. Rebecca Fraser feels that Death is seeking her out and she has taken refuge in a basement apartment in a soon-to-be demolished building to avoid the encounter. To her, Death assumes many forms and shapes.

MISTER POLIO. It’s the summer of 1952 and polio is stalking the land, instilling fear in eight-year old Alvin. His future, which up to then had been an endless golden thread to be picked up every day, was uncertain. Soon, maybe he wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone pick anything up. Alvin is convinced he’s contracted polio.

DEADLINE. Daniel Burchard has just found out that he has six months to life…leg muscles twitched and he squeezed his hands together. Cold shivers like crawling bugs wriggled up the back of his neck. He retreats to a hospice to await the inevitable end. He could feel time eroding him; the disease dismantling his body cell by cell like a building being taken apart brick by brick.

VALLEY OF LOST YESTERDAYS. Larry reflects on the changes to the landscape since the trek he and his two boyhood friends took decades back. Larry had watched in horror as his two friends wrecked a camp they had come upon, only to be interrupted by Adam, a Cree Indian who served in the Second World War.

WITNESSES. I was beyond any pain; the life driven from my mortal body, yet cognizant, feeling still alive, and floating above everything as an observer. Successful lawyer Sarah Richmond will use the ring as an instrument to reveal the circumstances of her death through dreams. But there is a dark side to the dreams.



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