“From San Francisco to Barbados to Calcutta to Ontario and beyond, this collection takes you through time and history with fresh, delicate turns of prose, surprise twists and engrossing stories with images that stay with you beyond the page.”  - Anushree Nande, Author of “55 Words”and freelance journalist for The Huffington Post, India.  

“Michael Joll’s first collection of fifteen eclectic stories will leave you breathless as he takes you around Asia, Europe and North America while he explores the countless ways the human psyche responds in times of love and war.” – Ken Puddicombe, Author of “Racing with the Rain”and “Junta.”  

“Michael Joll is a master of surprise endings, but they never seem forced. He always stays true to his characters and their worlds.”  -  Nancy Kay Clark, author and editor,  

“Michael Joll has written a delicious collection of short stories. These tales of love, desire and betrayal crisscross the Atlantic, dally in Monte Carlo, and see action in the Second World War. At times funny, naughty and touching, this collection has something for everyone.”  -  Brian Henry, Author, editor, blogger of “Quick Brown Fox” and Ryerson University writing teacher.

     “Blackguards, the lot of them. Even the Mother Superior. I’d be proud to know them all, but I wouldn’t play cards with any of them.” -  Jasper Speedicut, Author of “The Speedicut Papers”,edited by Christopher Joll.