Lisa Freemantle

Author Lisa Freemantle’s poetry has been published in the Anthology Scaling New Heights (2022) published by MiddleRoadPublishers. She is also a five-time author of books (Novalis Publishers) including the Words for the Journey Series, For Teachers and School Liturgies Made Easy. Besides writing poetry and prose, Lisa also composes songs and has released a number of CD’s.  

Taking her pen up, she has assembled a collection of her best poems, sometimes calling on her Guyanese background, often times utilising her Canadian upbringing and residence, inviting you to Taste My Words in this assortment of over sixty poems, ranging from Poemlets, Haikus, Heart Touched Poems, poems that tell a story, those that dwell on nature, and finally those that touch on the uncertainty and unpredictability of what lies ahead.     

She describes the poems as follows:  

Some of my words are spicy and hot

Others are bland, but most are not

Nibble and tongue each pledge, each text

Your palate knows not what flavour is next  

Will it be magic or informative reports?

Or just back and forth utterances of all sorts?

Or declaration of love or frothy remark?

Or thoughts of hate or views both light and dark?  

Still… take a big bite, digest and then chew;

Pungent senses explode, exposed for clearer view.

Tangy, salt, sour and bittersweet,

Implications change with every perceptive,

prospective glance meet  

For though meanings are murky

And transform each hour, each day,

Taste my words, won’t you?

Let their flavour show the way




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