Ken Puddicombe’s brilliant collection of stories tells the tales of people forced to leave their homes and while enjoying freedom in a faraway country, they crave the past, the known and predictable. Although they work hard in their new world for the sake of their children, but all along they look back and wish that their home country would become the livable democracy to where they could one day return to and live out their remaining years. Although the stories are about people from Guyana, it is the universality of their destiny that comes across, escaping from racial conflicts or dictatorship of any kind from anywhere in the world. —Judith Kopácsi Gelberger, author of Heroes Don’t Cry

“The author treats us to a collection of short stories from the tumultuous birth of a nation to the children of independence.” —Enrico Downer, author of His Father’s Footsteps.

"An entertaining and poignant work of fiction that delves into 1960s Guiana from the perspective of a varied cast of compelling characters. Not to be missed."  ---USA Today Bestselling Author Karen Fenech

Packed with variety of observation, richness of detail, wit and humour, Ken Puddicombe’s new collection of sixteen stories catches the exact temper of a time of transition from the post-colonial Caribbean to an uncertain future. —Frank Birbalsingh, Professor Emeritus, York U, Author of Passion and Exile: Essays in Caribbean Literature.